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Robotics Automated Solutions

Water cutting - Water - A Natural Solution

Water-jet cutting involves passing water through a small diameter nozzle at very high pressure. The water-jet travels at speeds up to 900 m/sec, with sufficient kinetic energy to cut a wide range of materials. If sand is added, an abrasive affect occurs that allows the water-jet to cut hard materials such as metal and stone. The flexibility of KMT's robotic systems enable manufacturers to make the most of their capital investment. Trimming programs can easily be changed or added so that several parts can be cut on the same system with virtually no set-up time. All of KMT's trimming solutions are safe, cost-effective and highly productive.

How water-jet cutting works

The high-pressure water-jet is used as a tool to cut a wide range of materials. The fine jet is very powerful, with cutting speeds between 100 and 500 mm/s for a variety of automotive carpets and from 300 to 500 mm/sec for head-liners. The speed of the water-jet and robot allow the cutting material to remain almost completely dry. The energy required for cutting materials is obtained by pressurising water to ultra-high pressures and forming an intense cutting stream by focusing this high-speed water through a small, precious-stone orifice. The stream moves at a velocity of up to 900 m/s, depending on how the water pressure is exerted.

The process is applicable to both water only and abrasive jets. For abrasive cutting applications, abrasive garnet is fed into the abrasive mixing chamber, which is part of the cutting head body, to produce a coherent and an extremely energetic abrasive jet stream.

Flexible cutting technology

Cutting routines for complicated 3D shapes that would be impossible to punch can easily be programmed with the robot.

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Routing /cutting / grinding / polishing applications

These types of applications are widely used within the general industry.  With more ”intelligence” added to robotic solutions, more advanced solutions can be made. Based on the material and application we will bring in the right partner for the solution. Increased efficiency, consistent quality and continuous output are some of the benefits that an installation will provide.

Picking packing

Today, 75% of end users use robotics along their manufacturing lines and the capabilities for food and pharmaceutical processing are game-changers.

Within the food and beverage market segment there are a number of applications for robotics based automation. Many of the processes are automated in the rest of the word.  Therefore we are able to offer any automated solutions. Picking and packing bread, meat or dairy products, just to mentioning a few of the possible applications.  Application are typically loading machines or taking things out of a machine and into boxes or crates.

Other products suitable for this type of applications can be pharmaceutical and chemical industries, where human interactions would like to be kept to a minimum.

Material handling


Any type of products to be stacked at at a hight rate and maximum height for transportation and storage. Many times more than one production lines/flows an be taken care of by one palletizing cell. Depending on the speed of the production line one or several products can be picked at the same time.

Stacking and handling bricks is only one of the possible applications for an industrial robot. Benefits for using robots in this environment will be among others, increased uptime, increased production, shorter drying time and increased quality. Approx 10,000 bricks can be handled by one robot. The solution is scalable.

Other applications

We have a large network of solution suppliers, most of them in Europe who we are working with. Let us know what you are looking for and we will be able to supply you with a solution that is proven and tested in another part for the world.


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