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Since 1942 our experience, design innovations and technical knowledge have kept Filton as the choice for Rotary Unions & Swivel Joints. Whatever your application Filton will work with you and share its wealth of knowledge to provide you with the most suitable product at the right price.

Rotary Unions & Swivel Joints

Unique Bellows Seal


Long Life / Low Cost Ownership

Specials / Design Capabilities

Factory Repair giving 12 month warranty

Air Breather Filters

Filton air breather filters ensure that there is no dangerous build up of pressure or vacuum due to temperature or volume changes.

The high quality sintered element prevents the ingress of air borne foreign particles.

Flexible Hoses

Hoses to carry air, water, gas, steam, hot oil services and low pressure oil are all available.

Hoses can be supplied in various lengths with a variety of ends if required including fixed male, swivel male, fixed female, fixed flange and swivel flange.


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